Saturday, February 23, 2008

Room with a View meme

Lingamish has tagged me with the request for pictures. I took these of my office this morning. We just finished repainting it a few months ago. It is nice to have it back. On the right is the view from the window! Below is the office. The office is fuzzy this morning - image taken at 0700 . The pictures on the right are of a market in Turgutreis, in south-west Turkey, below that, the Church of All Saints at Earls Barton, and to the right, a miniature of St John the Evangelist. The pictures on the left, on either side of the mirror above the sofa, are two student monoprints by a favorite niece - probably done in the 70s. The vase with the dried flowers below St John is a work done my my youngest son about 15 years ago. The credenza has been recently converted by my eldest son into a work surface to match the height of the desk. It is usually overflowing with books. The back cover that is showing is of Mary Coloe's new book on the Gospel of John, Dwelling in the Household of God. She told me about it at SBL and it was small enough to buy on the spot. I like her approach in this and her previous book God dwells with us. You can see her influence on Secundus. Also on the work surface is a box full of wine and spirits in preparation for my daughter-in-law's appearance with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet as the lead in Sleeping Beauty - next week. A new single-malt has been purchased for the occasion. Her husband, my middle son, will be here for a short holiday.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bob. That view is astounding.