Saturday, March 1, 2008


The same day I received my polyglot Psalms - English, NETS, Hebrew, and LXX, I also received Hans Küng's latest book on Islam. I will have to blog on this eventually. But first I guess I had better read it. I have really read his other two massive books on Judaism and Christianity. I have never regretted any HK book that I have bought. But still, he did not teach me what I have learned - nor did the HJ folks, nor even the Bible by itself. What I have learned in all its grand ambivalence, I have learned by death and resurrection from the interaction of the Infinite with my own wayward heart.

Religion won't generally cut it. Nor will those who profess certainty in their social or theological systems. Nor will those who subscribe to a school or creed that sits flat on a table somewhere.

Today I have added to my blogs one on religion and the public sphere and one on Islam.

Michael Pahl of the stuff of earth has written a story that could have been by Secundus and Prima in their first volume. I like the recognition of the potential for collaboration in the Pauline circle. Imagine and tell the story - that is where truth resides. It does not reside in creed or propositional theology, especially negative propositional anthropology disguised as religious 'truth'.

You would think that people who profess and teach 'Christianity' would actually know something about death and resurrection. So that those who are baptized whether as infants in the faith of the congregation or as adults would actually know that they are baptized into the death of Jesus Christ. I suppose if they only study, they can be forgiven their ignorance.


Beyond Words said...

Thanks for that link. Pahl is a good writer. I never imagined collaboration between the apostle and the scribe and I like that idea.

You are more consistent, in my opinion, in keeping anachronisms like "visual learner"from springing from the lips of your characters.

I am weary of Christianity that doesn't grasp the death and resurrection. The result is a collusion with death. That's the root of the negative propositional anthropology. It gives death the victory. Jesus died for your sins (his resurrection merely proves his divinity). Who needs a living body when you're just biding time until your immortal soul can be set free to spend eternity in heaven? Death wins!

Bob MacDonald said...

Kathy - one of the places where collaboration is implied is in the 'signature' of 'all the brothers and sisters who are with me' in the epistle to the Galatians. (The signature implying collaboration is in the opening of the letter).

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob
Thank you kindly for the link. Nice to meet you.