Friday, May 9, 2008

Proud Dad

My daughter Sarah has conducted, played for, or produced over 25 CDs to date. Here is a link to her latest press release : Stunning recording of sacred music, released by Selwyn College Chapel Choir.


scott gray said...


any way you could upload a cut or two from a cd?


Bob MacDonald said...


Thanks for your comments - I have emailed my daughter to see if she has some cuts online already - if not I will ask her if it is OK to do a promo for her.


Bob MacDonald said...

Sarah tells me they hope to do some online cuts this summer - there is only one recording of hers at Amazon - but it is among the best - see here

I have a half-dozen of the "stunning" one - (it's good and a very interesting bit of musicology too but I think the Cambridge PR folks are a little over the top.) Scott - if you send me an address I will send you one when I get home. bobmacdonald - all one word - at