Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rationalization, faith, and judgment

As I sailed down to work on my bicycle this morning, my thoughts wandered in the midst of my careful negotiation of roads, lights, and traffic to some things I read here - written by Ken Schenck, whom I met briefly at Hebrews 2006 and whose books I have browsed though I see no title in my own Bibliography - so I probably have not read any of his work.

Some of his posts caused me to distinguish between rationalization, faith, and judgment. I came to a short conclusion before I parked my bike. Rationalization is when we have decided what we know and we write to explain and support our position. Faith is engagement with the other in such a way that we might have to change our mind. Judgment is when we have decided what is right and have no desire to engage with others who may think differently from us.

Rationalization should not be confused with prayer. Faith might be more dangerous than we think and is not to be confused with denominational confession. Judgment is required and where possible to be postponed.

Now to work - may I not support indefensible positions this day at work; may I engage with my staff and clients faithfully; may I exercise judgment with justice and mercy and without premature conclusions.

You see that work is a real environment of the Spirit. That's why we do it so much in the One Acceptable Day of Creation in which we live.

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