Sunday, November 1, 2009

Questions on Job

Here are a set of questions on Job? How do we address them? - answers - 2 minutes on each?

1) Who is in the right?  Job?  God?  Why?

neither alone - being right is not the right question
- see the link to the left on completeness
who is complete ? God and Job both
this is a parable
2) What does the book of Job reveal about God?
Job in his speeches intimates all that is required of God
it is a matter of faith if we think God is true to Job's requirements
- see the link on characters for the character of the referee/arbiter
3) What “wisdom” is being communicated in Job?  How does this book fit into the wisdom literature of the Hebrew Bible?
Job is the last and the first of the three books of truth ספרי אמת
Job איוב, proverbs משלי, psalms תהלים - the initial letters spell אמת = truth
4) Why do you think Job is in the canon?
Job is the ultimate mashal (of the kingdom)

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