Friday, May 25, 2007

John and structure

Richard Bauckham has written a fascinating book - Jesus and the Eye-witnesses. I have nearly finished. I am just experimenting with some diagrams on John and word-counting. A preliminary diagram is posted here with the first counts showing. I hope eventually to show more of the structures of John - but it will play second priority to the Psalms for some time to come.

The significance of the eye witnesses testimony may help appreciate what they had written in their names. It does not mean that they were reporting without the benefit of poetry and parable as well as personal experience.


Urilla said...

People should read this.

Bob MacDonald said...

Urilla - thanks for the note. Bauckham's Eyewitnesses got an interesting discussion at last year's SBL in San Diego. When you say 'this', I assume you mean his book. Bauckham is a scholar of considerable depth and care. I enjoy his work. Of course, not everyone agrees with any particular scholar's inferences.