Monday, July 2, 2007

Story Excursus - the Gospel

Just what, then, would be good tidings? Take for example the Roman triumph after the conquest of a new part of the empire or the putting down of a rebellion. Is this good news? Titus thought so. But it is not the gospel for all. Those who conquer by force define good only from their own point of view. Such satisfaction is short lived. It was 47 years ago when the subjugation of rebellion in Judea was given as good news in Rome, good tidings from the emperor, God’s son. What God? What is the character of the sons who take power by power and relinquish nothing.

– You have added Filius Dei in the margin of my folio for Mark! Don’t write in my books.
– Why not? Let it be misleading. His love is better than Caesar’s.
– How do you pick up these ideas? I never taught you about Caesar as Son of God. Oh little brother, you are better than wine even if you do write in my copy. I feel this child hand of yours on my heart. Your heart living also, your mouth can form the word that your pen says so quickly.


The menorah was light in the temple in front of the altar of the invisible. Titus brought the seven branched golden candlestick to Rome to celebrate his triumph. Perhaps our bodies, weak though they are, can bear the light better than the image on that barren arch of Titus. Could a triumph be good news for all sides of a battle?

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