Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alef-Bet prayer in Siddur

When I issued my alef-bat challenge, I am surprised I did not get a pointer to this simple prayer in the Siddur which I first noted and heard this morning. (The Sabbath service is a wonder - and beautifully sung at the Beth Shalom Synagogue opposite my apartment in Ottawa.) Read it vertically - it has quite a rhythm.

אל El God
ברוך baruch blessed
גדול gedol great
דעה de'ah in knowledge
הכין hekin prepared
ופעל upa'al and worked
זהרי zaharei on the rays of
חמה chama the sun
טוב tov Goodness
יצר y'atsar fashioned
כבוד kebod glory
לשמו lishmo for his name
מאורות mi'orot from lights
נתן natan placed
סביבות sivivot around
עזו 'uzo his strength
פנות pinot leaders of
צבאיו tsiva'aiv his hosts
קדושים qedoshim holy ones
רוממי rommei exalt
שדי Shaddai the Almighty
תמיד tamid continually

Well that's something else - isn't it! There may be some misleading transcription - I had to do this all by hand since it does not appear to be on the web. (And I have no Hebrew keyboard).

I am a little dubious of the theology of the lights myself...


David Ker said...

This is great. Is there an audio version online?

Bob MacDonald said...

I am not sure what to look for - I tried siddur blessings of the shema - got some interesting stuff on the sacrificial nature of the daily prayers - remarkable actually in view of the Hebrews letter. I don't see an online siddur.