Sunday, September 7, 2008

Harvest time

We were having chicken the other night - sorry to all you vegetarians out there, but I was remembering last year's awesome apple jelly which we made from my son Jeremy's apple tree in Duncan. Jeremy is one special man - almost middle aged at what - 37 years - now. He lives in a little house in Duncan and he loves to care for house and garden. This year he pruned the apple tree and I wondered if he had pruned it too much - but look at these - lots of apples and apple jelly to come. (The cider was not, alas, successful last year.)

We were up to Duncan yesterday on my birthday. Here it is a day later, and we still have not had a piece of the cake Diana made for our September birthdays. (James, the youngest, is on the 13th. Whether we see him or not is always a guess.)

Here is a view from our door that opens on the west: the sun setting at 8:20 pm is another sign that the fall is near.

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