Friday, October 10, 2008


I have had negative reactions to blogging from a number of parishioners this past week. The younger are less concerned than the older. The older do not want to get over the hurdle of Google id's or the like and they are loath to put their opinion or article on 'the web' and they are afraid of becoming addicted to the writing process.

As for me, I have removed a substantive post for the first time that I remember in many years of writing online. But it was really inconsequential - both the post and my removal of it. I decided I had been dragged into a position on Romans that I do not hold and didn't want to record anything on.

So I will continue blogging - why? I have a story to write, psalms to read and translate, children to teach, and adult Bible study to record maybe - I will try to make it logging and not blathering. And I won't pretend to be a scholar - too much stuff to read, too many citations to prove! (But I will acknowledge my debts when I can.)

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