Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Defining prayer

I just came across this sentence.

prayer is living out loud before an onlooking Lord
I have been too busy with psalms to post and to ill with a common cold to teach Sunday school - so no recent work. I thought when I began that Secundus in his second book would have to dig deeper and might be eternally delayed in his pursuit of a million words. Too many books around anyway.

There's something intimidating about the small size of the Gospels and the immense impact they have had. We will return to them in due course. But first we must continue to consider the base on which their meaning and purpose rests.

I have not changed my understanding of mercy - even when my health is stretched. There is no better.
Thy loving-kindness is better than life itself. My lips shall praise thee.
Such is the conclusion of the psalmist under the most difficult situations. All of us have them - and must face them with humility - an uncommon and elusive virtue - not to be pursued as if it were controllable but hopefully to be found as a beneficial infection from above. There, my love, I have put your common cold to uncommon usage.

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