Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Job - another unrevealing portrait

The image is Job 12 to 14 automatically written to diagramming software. The width of the border for each word is the number of times that word repeats in this concluding speech for cycle 1. The colour is derived from the gematria of the word - so the same word has the same color - but of course so do some others! Like אלה and הלא - but that's arithmetic eh since I did not use positional values in the calculations.

The result does not reveal frames and threads as I thought it might - but it's pretty.

I did not use roots but full words since these results are accurate even if there are similar usages in sight - my automated root algorithm needs too much work - it only works at about 70% because of words like NTN which drop the n and yod type verbs where the yod disappears. When I learn my grammar better I may see some rule refinements.

But I need some probability analysis too and that's not something I have adequate software for. I leave that to the real techies.

To see the detail at a readable pitch click here.

I am working on chapter 16. The whole process is harder and harder - I think I am like a mole who has reached the ceiling and does not know how to gnaw through the drywall and make it into the spacious attic.

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