Blogs "I've got on my list"

  • Ancient Hebrew Poetry by John Hobbins - "John writes: The languages of the Bible have been my passion since I was 15 years old." The passion shows. It is a fulsome word.
  • Aristotle's Feminist Subject  by Kurk Gayle - Kurk reads and teaches the undermining of precise taxonomy such as was taught by Aristotle. I like undermining a closed system of certainty and opening up new and better questions.
  • Balashon - Hebrew Language Detective DLC (Dave) began his posts in 2006 with a reference to William Safire whose language I too used to enjoy.
  • BibleRefShelf I am sure I learned of this site from Mark Goodacre - it self-titles as "worthy works of biblical reference from ... and a little more"
  • biblicalia Kevin P.Edgecomb posts here from Orthodoxy and the Church Fathers and some great poems from through the ages like those of George Herbert
  • Boulders 2 Bits  Karen Traphagen's "resource archive for some of my teaching material"
    Café Apocalypsis Alan S. Bandy teaches New Testament and Greek and is as might be guessed a specialist on the Apocalypse
    clayboy Doug Chaplin' writing is clear and stimulating and there is lots of discussion. His articles about the 39 articles are a series well worth reading for his critical insights.
    Der Evangelische Theologe  W. Travis McMaken hosts some interesting collaborative projects like the Barth conferences. Not easy reading for me - but hey - why not
    Dr. Platypus Darryl Pursiful's about page is too funny to reproduce - it's here
    Earliest Christian History James Crossley lectures on Christian origins and early Judaism. Always something to learn from the academics
    Entangled States Nick Knisely links to cool articles on life, the cosmos, and everything uncertain.
    Everyday Thomist  keeps me in touch with a tradition I am close to but not a part of
    Experimental Theology Richard Beck is the clearest of organizers - many of his carefully thought out posts are well worth revisiting.
    God Didn't Say That Joel Hoffman is a very helpful teacher. His about page invites questions and his answers are always to the point.
    Higgaion Chris Heard writes on the Hebrew language with lots of good examples
    Irshad Manji blog and official website Irshad Manji is a brave soul who keeps me informed about some issues in modern day Islam and humanity and its courage in general
    Jordan Stratford is a poet, priest, and author of books on religion and spirituality.
    Julia M Obrien see Julia's bio here. There's things to learn from her.
    Lambeth bishops I started listening during the 2008 Lambeth conference and I just kept on listening. Alan Wilson's blog is syndicated here as well
    Living Wittily Jim Gordon from Scotland is an "incurably omnivorous reader" so there are some good leads here to serve Him wittily, in the tangle of their minds
    Midrash A look at Jewish story and tradition in a creative way
    Narrative and Ontology Phil Sumpter learns and so teaches me new things from the point of view of a student of theology that I would not otherwise see
    NT Blog Mark Goodacre keeps me up to date on New Testament happenings
    Participatory Bible Study Blog  Henry Neufeld is a writer and lecturer and the first online blogger I met years ago. (And I've still "got him on my list")
    Polumeros kai Polutropos Brian Small I met in St Andrew's at Hebrew 2006 - a great introductory conference for me.
    Quadrilateral Thoughts Ken Schenck I also met in 2006 after I had read his book on Hebrews
    SansBlogue Tim Bulkeley has been blogging since 2004 and has a great online podcast set. He also answers questions with encouragement.
    Singing In The Reign Michael Barber keeps me on my toes with his perspectives
    Suzanne's Bookshelf Suzanne McCarthy is a fellow Canadian from just a few miles away but over the sea in Vancouver. She has some similar background to me and I appreciate her dedication.
    Targuman a creative name from Chris Brady - second only in blog names to the Velveteen Rabbi - Chris writes on biblical and rabbinic literature (my professional field), Christian theology, gadgetry (a personal interest, some say obsession), and the odd comic
  • The Forbidden Gospels Blog April Deconnick with a different view of Christian origins
    The Genevan Psalter blog by David Koyzis devoted to one of the greatest of the sixteenth-century Psalters
    The Golden Rule Mike Kok studied in Alberta - can anything good come out of Alberta?
    The WOMBman's Bible a second blog from Kurk Gayle
    Threads from Henry's Web the original blog that I discovered from Henry Neufeld
    Velveteen Rabbi outstanding poetry and careful posts. Disciplined by a disciple and teacher of
    משלי אדם Adam Couturier with interests in Biblical Wisdom literature
  • and Balshanut with an about page that I can't find - and finally
    תהליםa blog like Bob's Log "dedicated to the Psalms"