Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ecclesial troubles

Macrina has a quote here from Zizioulas

A confessional Church is the most disincarnate entity there is; this is precisely why its content is usually borrowed from one or other of the existing cultures and is not a locality which critically embraces all cultures.
Do you want to be disincarnate?

Or what about this one - and the notion of alternate oversight
It is extremely significant that in the entire course of church history there has never been an attempt at establishing a super-local eucharist or a super-local bishop. All eucharists and all bishops are local in character - at least in their primary sense.
What a mystery - how can Church exist at all these days?

My Church is in my strange entanglement with the cross of Christ. This is my meeting place with God - an event in history with non-local manifestations, making my atoms, polarizing my light in communion with his light, my new man/old man - creating a refraction pattern based on this good source of light. And yes I do attend services - but not many (any?) there use this language as I use it.

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