Saturday, April 18, 2009

Job 9: 1-16

And Job answered and said
In truth I know and so what!
And how can a mortal be just with God!
If one desires to contend with him
one cannot answer him once in a thousand
wise of heart or mighty of strength
who hardens against him and remains whole?

He removes mountains
and they don't know what hit them in his anger
He provokes earth from her place
and her columns shudder
He speaks to the sun and it stops shining
and of stars - he seals them
stretching out the heavens? he alone
and walking on water!
making the Great Bear, Orion, and a star cluster
and the parts of the South
"who does great things and there is no finding out
his wonders without number!"(1)

Lo - he passes over me and I don't see him
he passes quickly and I don't understand him(2)
Lo - he seizes, who can hinder him
who will say to him - what are you doing?
God does not turn his anger
the helpers of Rahab bow under him
And I myself, I answer him?
and choose my words with him?
who, if I were just, I would not answer
to my judge, would I make supplication?
if I had called and he had answered
I would not believe he had listened to my voice

16 verses is enough for now - think on it.

(1) a direct quote from Eliphaz - I am assuming a certain sarcasm of the obvious as I hope you can tell. I wonder if the definite article with the participles in vv 5-7 and then dropping it in vv 6-8 might indicate the tone of voice.
(2) Tur Sinai's thesis of misplaced dream sequence is untenable - here Job reflects Eliphaz and his passing spirit in Job 4:15

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