Friday, May 22, 2009

Job 21:1-15

And Job answered and said
hear - hear my speech
and this will be your comfort
Lift me up that I myself may speak
and after I speak, continue your derision

As for me, is it to a human my complaint
and if so, for what purpose is my spirit not short?

Be present to me and be appalled
and set a hand to your mouth
even if I remember and am dismayed
and shuddering grasps my flesh

For what purpose do the wicked live
and are removed - though great in wealth?
their seed is prepared before their faces and with them
and their offspring in their eyes
their houses are at peace from dread
and the staff of God is not on them

his ox makes pass and it does not fall
his cow delivers and is not bereaved
they bring forth like sheep their unweaned
and their children skip

they lift up tambourine and harp
and rejoice at the voice of the pipes
they decay in the good of their days
and in a moment to Sheol, they are broken(1)

and they say to the One, turn from us
and the knowledge of your ways we do not desire(2)
who is Sufficient that we should serve him
and what is the benefit that we should meet him?(3)

(1) TS has to the quiet of Sheol they go down - nice idea - but I lose the sound that replies to e.g. Job 20:5
(2) here is a deep psychological insight reaching to the bootstrap of our being.
(3) I leave you with this question - note the word is not 'pray to him' - prayer follows encounter.

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