Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Job 23

I can scarcely believe what I am reading. Yes I have adjusted a few words here and there in prior posts for the sake of as much concordance of sound as I can muster, and still this is a difficult and slow process. But here as in chapters 10 and 14 - Job has more and more to say that is new and that extends his tender appreciation for God. Again he intimates the necessary character of God. And one can even feel a little sympathy for the dilemma of the Sufficient.

The phrases of this chapter are almost unconnected - modalities are incomplete, prepositions and interjections lacking. Should I fill them in? Will you check my work? Will you see the new thing too or is it my imagination that Job has more to say that is worth hearing even given the state he is portrayed in?

And Job answered and said

Even today bitter is my complaint
my hand heavy on my sighing
that it was given me to know
and I would find him
come to his establishment
I would order before his face my judgment
and fill my mouth with reasons

I would know the speeches he would answer me
and understand what he would say to me
will he in great strength contend against me?
no - but he himself would set me out
there the upright could reason with him
and I would be delivered in perpetuity from my judge

lo forward I go and he is not there
and back and I do not understand him
to the left in his doings and I cannot discern
he is faint on the right but I do not see
for he knows a way against me
he has scrutinized me
as gold I will come out

in his paces my foot has grasped
his way I will preserve and not stretch
the command of his lips - such I have not ignored
from his decree I have treasured the words of his mouth

but he is in one and who will turn him?
and his being longs
so he does
for he makes peace my decree
and like these are many with him

therefore from his face I am dismayed
I am understanding - and I have dread from him
for the One makes tender my heart
and the Sufficient dismays me
for I did not vanish from the face of darkness
and from my face he covered gloom

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