Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Over my head

When I read with fascination a post like this one from John Hobbins, I realize after three and a half years of Hebrew how far over my head I am. In earlier days I might have been so bold as to comment. If I wrote that much on one little verse for all the verses I have dared to take on, I would never finish even a book as short as Ruth.

Now I have finished my first cut at a translation of Ruth. Of the books I got out of the library this one: Ruth - Vol 7 in The Anchor Bible by Edward Campbell, 1975 is far and away the most consistent and detailed as to textual analysis, grammar, repeated words and comment.

My 13-year-old student of Hebrew has switched this week from reading Ruth in Hebrew to reading Og the Terrible (courtesy of Karyn) and doing one word study in Ruth - the forms of אִישׁ man, woman אִשָּׁה, each, and so on singular and plural that occur in Ruth. He works with paper only so this is a difficult assignment but will reveal masculine, feminine, plurals and so on when complete.

And now I must work through Ruth continuing my series I started so long ago! What effrontery! To begin such a tender and subtle story. Oh my fears and trembling...Oh beard and whiskers - be brave and continue!

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