Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Inerrancy - Believing your own judgment

The truth is errant, going to and fro, a random walk on the earth to see if there were any that seek after God, and to hide from them that know the answer in advance.

Michael Bird responds quickly: "If I have to choose between inerrancy and errancy, I will always choose inerrancy. Otherwise you are faced with the problem of why should I believe anything the Bible says about, for instance, homosexuality."

'I' have to chose why 'you' should believe something. Here is the power trip of all those who take power by knowledge. Belief morphs into judgment, exposing the secret fault.

Is the Bible clear or unclear - sometimes one, sometimes the other, if it can be said to speak or not. Is the whole Bible inerrant? Errant is not a binary decision. (I can hear the logic of those who believe everything - Can we ascribe to God error? What a slippery slope! Can I trust him? Who! - not Bird but God.) Let your judgment of God be dropped. She will not be moved for God is in the midst of her.

I am God's error - I am love. Mercy and truth met together. Judge me not lest you be judged. Enjoy the loving fire of judgment and the judging fire of love for God is love. Kiss the son. Find healing from your careless comments. Why am I so heavy, O my soul. God's heaviness is in me. Longing fills my heart for those who have nothing but words.

It's not that we can't read. It's that our reading gets in the way of our love. We do not need to choose between errant and inerrant. We do not need to use force to make our point. Not even the force of abomination.

Did I use force to save you, my love?

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