Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Image

There are a few images that image the truth of the crucifixion. The crucifix in the header is by Michelangelo. This image of the Trinity by Andrea del Castagno has always struck me also as true.

Given that the Gospel interpreter, Secundus of Corinth, is constructing a story supposedly in the year 117, I felt I had to hold up an image also - though St Jerome had not yet lived.

I have to tell you that I do not know where this story will lead. I do know what story I am following. My intent is similar to that of my work on the psalms and I hope that besides incorporating insights that NT scholars have blessed me with, I will also bring in some understanding of the Psalter.

These similar 'intents' are to find words to portray the loveliness of what I seem to have found in both TNK and NT. Perhaps it might help in the battle for peace - if I must use a warrior image. Perhaps also it will help me to see the greater ecclesial structure that I am looking for. Secundus himself is telling me that there are things he does not like in what he sees emerging in the second century.

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