Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Spaghetti in Coronado

I am remiss in not publishing my pictures. Most of the trip, my wife had the camera so the pictures were sight seeing - such as the lovely hotel in the Coronado area and surrounding beaches, residences, and the view of the host hotel (above). On the Sunday night, at the invitation of John Hobbins and at the home of his hosts - Jim and Virginia Lamendola, and with the superb cooking of his daughter, Elizabetha, several co-bloggers were feasted to four varieties of pasta and homemade tira misu. Here are some more pictures. Before dinner 1, 2 - and at dinner. There you will find Duane Smith and Ken Penner, and others. Fellow bloggers - please help me out by pointing to your blogs in the comments.

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John said...

Nice pics, Bob. Thanks.