Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another day - another 40 clicks

Letting the anniversary weekend linger on, my wife and I decided to cycle again via the Galloping Goose trail and take some more pictures between home and
Royal Roads University and end the trip at a local pub - Spinnaker's on the water - the stout was outstanding. (Last night's meal was both good and unique, but the pub fare was a better venue and 1/4 the price - and I can remember the names of what we ate: seafood chowder and fish and chips.)

Here's the odd flower emerging in our own garden
Next some cherry trees in blossom. I ran out of batteries or I would have shown some cherry blossom snow too.

The gardens at Royal Roads are lovely but there was not much time for them today - too many kilometers to pedal. We did manage a snap of the local peacock.


Beyond Words said...

Happy anniversary. How is it that you have blossoms and flowers while we still have snow in the forecast for Iowa?

Bob MacDonald said...

If people knew how nice it is here, we would be overpopulated. It's the North West climate.