Monday, April 14, 2008

Blog appreciation day

Dr. Platypus has suggested we blog about 5 blogs that we appreciated today. It is a nice thought so here goes:

1. Tim Bulkeley (not so named for his culinary expertise) always gives me pleasure when he writes or reads.
2. Richard Rhodes has a post on inerrancy that invites a deeper scratching - some day I hope I can find words to gentle this particular horse more sweetly.
3. Mark always stretches my ability to think about other languages - here in Zug der Erinnerung he points to a reminder of great difficulty and significance.
4. I would love to meet some of the writers that April quotes in her Apocryphote of the Day.
5. I cannot appreciate some bloggers enough for their clarity, support, and encouragement - so to my fifth, I will include three: Doug for boxing with metaphors, John for the political side of the poor with us, and Kathy for a brief word on the church in relation to the Pope's upcoming visit to the U.S.

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