Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Body's Grace (3)

Finally, a post that recognizes more than prejudged knowledge can. Here in interpreting a book I have not read - but hope to, I find resonance with the experience I have attempted to express in all my positive writings and in all my warnings, perhaps too subtle since phrased with conditionals, about morality as the top of the pile in human relations. The top of the pile is New Creature, New Creation through the death of Jesus. The imagery of the temple and its mercy seat is strong enough to overcome the tendency to insist on our own purity prior to approaching. We shall be pure as he is pure and holy as he is holy only to the extent that our conversation is with him and not with our prejudged ideas of what he is. Such conversation is begun, continued, and completed in his death, our entry through the veil, that is to say his flesh.

Read this and love.

I wrote this and spilled my wine all over in a beautiful arc. The best chaser for red wine is white - fortunately there was a bottle of old white in the fridge - opened I don't know how long ago. That + carpet spot remover seems to have done the trick. But the walls will need repainting - nice.

Bless the Lord O my soul - is this punishment for thought or a humorous reminder of who's in charge?

It is the most serious game in town - because without such sanctification, all our desires are incurvatus in se.

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