Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don't forget me

Christianity is not, properly speaking, a ‘religion of the Book’: it is a
religion of the word (Parole) - but not uniquely nor principally of the word in
written form. It is a religion of the Word (Verbe) - ‘not of a word, written and
mute, but of a Word living and incarnate’ (to quote St. Bernard). The Word of
God is here and now, amongst us, ‘which we have looked upon, and our hands have
handled’: the Word ‘living and active’, unique and personal, uniting and
crystallizing all the words which bear it witness. Christianity is not ‘the
biblical religion’: it is the religion of Jesus Christ. [Exégèse Médiévale, II/1
(Paris, 1961), pp. 196-9.]

Clear words that unbind, for the one who loves. With blessings to Macrina who reads all these things on our behalf.

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