Sunday, August 17, 2008

On completeness in the day of creation

You have created me for your joy
Not that I should complete anything
but that I should be completed in you
Your pleasure in me is complete in itself

Nothing in me is of me but is by you
What joy there is in me that you would
fulfill my greatest desire - even if
I could not have said its name

In this marvel which you have done
is your own joy made full
The word you have spoken has created me both old and new
In you I am one without schism

Those who demand schism deny their own life
Let there be no such demand
Let the grandstand be in you
For only in you can we stand

This one sentence I complete that schism might not be
What is in schism is not complete and cannot know your joy
We will praise you because the unity we seek is not in us
but in you in the work you completed on that day

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