Saturday, January 16, 2010

Well, well the Old Bishop in New Shoes?

I was testing backup and things - and restore simply doesn't work in Blogger - get a crazy message - bX-qm5h6h - I know how backup and restore with XML is tricky - too many escape sequences sometimes. But blogger's doesn't work. So I explored the XML a bit and discovered a tag that went on for ever with the entirety of its content escaped - probably exceeded a tag limit somewhere. I scanned some content to see if the text is backed up - and it is - pretty well as are all retained comments.

While I was exploring the content - what should pop out but a comment in 2007 by nt Wrong - what? He didn't exist in those days. Well I will keep his current identity secret. But the current NTW was a prolific commenter in those days. And his secret is not secret.

I don't miss NT Wrong or his imitators. But I miss Iyov. There was a person who loved and encouraged. And where is scott of the lower case and Kathy?

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