Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We are back at Parashat Va-yikra - Is Leviticus the best place to begin a child's instruction in Torah? As noted here it is traditional. (And he gives a cogent reason with which many Christians might agree.) It is not where I am beginning a child's instruction in Hebrew - but rather with the acrostic psalms.

Is there progress in the ancient texts? Is the Psalter a subsequent Torah and are later works interacting with and reinterpreting older works to take from them different lessons than might have at first been seen?

I note that most Synagogue goers know their Torah much better than their Psalms and Prophets. So it is that most Church-goers know their New Testament much better than the Old. In fact they are, many of them, inadvertent Marcionites who would as well throw out the Old Testament as read it. Many of them know their Pauline formulae much better than Matthew - but I question if they can know Paul without knowing his Bible in his terms.

Where would you start your teaching? Ruth? Ecclesiastes? Leviticus? Ephesians? Psalms? Song of Songs? Romans? Matthew?

I think I can only say what was good for me. Perhaps a better question is - now that you know..., where would you start your learning?

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