Thursday, March 12, 2009

What am I up to

Reading Rabbi Wolf again. I always enjoy his commentary. And I just watched Rick Steve's Iran.

I hope it gets a good airing in the West. We sure need to have a more positive attitude than we have allowed to exist in ourselves about enemies or about those we think are in error. Don't you think so?

I am wrestling still with Job 3:1-10. I think I will rewrite the first section in the differing order that TS suggests - and see how each order reads. (I don't think the reordering of the verses is required for there to be sense - and maybe I will discover some more structural clues that support what we have.)

I am intrigued with what John is doing with Habakkuk h ere, h ere and h ere. Lots of connections with Job as there are in the psalms.

And I had a thought on inerrancy (my spell checker doesn't like this word either) but I didn't write it down - something to the effect that I don't put my trust in words on the page but in the one who had them put there for me to ponder. I don't treat other collections of books like I do the canon - but that's only for convenience. (And BTW I don't 'believe' everything I read th ere!) I could treat other books that way - good poetry - Herbert, Donne, or music - especially Bach. But I don't have enough time for this particular bound bit of history, myth, and tradition let alone all the other works we might like to canonize in bits and pieces.

Anyway - it's as I noted some time ago - the Spirit goes where he pleases - that is what errant is - so inerrant can't be the right word. It seems such a red h-erring.

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