Saturday, May 24, 2008

Round the World in 80 Blogs

Lingamish has tagged a Round the World in 80 Blogs

A nice tag - I will include:

7475 that awesome film that Stephen (aka Q) pointed out. And here's some more:

7374 Irshad Manji - Advice to atheists, from a Buddhist Muslim

7273 These days I am enjoying learning how to count in Hebrew from Iyov's pointers to the (H)Omer site.

There's three - Lingamish has tagged everyone on his list - and counting backwards will be a curious exercise!

Update - here's twothree more - I am looking for the views of all on theological and hermeneutical matters

72 and 71 Phil Sumpter and Michael Bird tend to write on these things.

70 Here's a blog I have troubles with - and an entry I find problematical - talk about lack of complementarity: Akram's Razor

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svend said...

Hi Bob
Thanks for the link. Obviously, people disagree all the time in the Blogophere, but would be curious to know what you find offputting or non complimentary.

That post was intended more as an injoke to Muslim readers and referred to how in my experience practicing Muslims often are more conservative on dating than their religiously observant neighbors of other faaiths. (That has both a positive side and a negative one friom my standpoint, but that's another matter.)

Of course, with the Blogophere you never really can pick your audience. You must choose between making it universal and bland, or specific and for some cryptic and/misleading.