Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Proud Dad 2

Ballerina Daughter-in-law, Jennifer, left for London yesterday and for Toulousse where she has auditions. Daughter, Sarah, will meet her in London tomorrow on her way from Cambridge to lunch at the House of Lords. She and her acting Dean of Chapel are on their way to Lambeth where she will play a service in commemoration of the 125th anniversary of Selwyn College and meet the three Archbishops - Canterbury, York and Wales. All three will be at the service.

My wife Diana and I have just come from a Hamam - the second awesome thing we have done in Winnipeg (besides the Ballet) - The first awesome thing was yesterday's visit to the St John's Bible at the Art Gallery - a wonderful display.

I hope you all are enjoying my short holiday. We are on our way to Jasper by train in a few hours and will spend a couple of nights at the Lodge before heading back to Victoria.

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Beyond Words said...

I'm enjoying your holiday and the amazing accomplishments of your children.

Enjoy the view on the train!