Friday, September 18, 2009

Returning briefly to Job

Here is a commentary on Job (S. R. Driver d 02.1914 completed by Buchanan Gray) that reflects the allusion in chapter 41 of the eyelids of dawn and Leviathan from chapter 3. I doubt if I will manage to read the whole 800 pages online but there are a few passages I would like another opinion on. ..

e.g. 34:36 my father - they say 'is out of the question' p265. Or what do they do with Job 19:25? (As expected they are hung up on the perceived linearity of time p171-172 ff - too much information for the moment.) Or is there any confirmation of Ticciati's thesis concerning the referee? (Umpire p96 - the note does not suggest much - in fact the word is not used in Isaiah 2.)

מוכיח is here one who gives a decision in a dispute between two parties: cp the use of the vb. in Gn. 31:37 and Is. 2:4 (Yahweh will arbitrate in the disputes arising among many nations).
See this post on the characters in Job for more info on the umpire.

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