Monday, September 28, 2009

Various thoughts on science,

In response to the claim here (a nice one - ht on all these links to exploring our matrix) my thought is that God is not a dualist.

In response to truth - various philosophical blogs like this one - I think that it is all in what one perceives. Last night I had some severe muscle spasms in both lower legs. As I stumbled into the bathroom, a floor as flat as any I know, each tile appeared to me as a mixing bowl, concave and deeper in the centre than the edges - at least 3 or 4 inches deeper. And as I put each foot down, the truth of their concave reality was presented in the signals to my brain. Clearly, the normal signal processes were delayed and what was flat (really?) appeared not so. How do I know the difference?

Various folks are responding to hve (or חוא) about who and why vs how and what and other interrogatives.In my field of work, software development, the distinction between requirements and design was said to be between the what and the how. This distinction is only partly useful since making such judgments depends on what tools you have available and therefore what 'how' you can imagine for your 'what'. In the same way, our perception is limited by our theories of the whole.

I don't usually read this blog. The arguments there against various forms of 'creationism' are not mine but I like the way the article on 'earth' is put. I try to avoid these discussions. The problem of evil is too close to the human problem. Why would God allow cats to play with mice or wasps to indwell caterpillars? Why would a loving God allow humans?

How can I be 'Christian' and not be a dualist? Simple: whatever is and whatever is to be is too deeply loved by Spirit to be orphaned. I learned this personally in the death of Jesus through which I have learned to know the teaching of God. In itself, such Torah is anointing. I think Julia gets to these reality images in posts like this one.

On the cunning serpent I made a comment. Perhaps it will get by moderation.

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