Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Proverbs 8

Does not wisdom call
and understanding give her voice
from the hilltops
on the way
where the roads meet
she takes her stand
right by the gates
at the mouth of the town
from the entrance of the doors
she sings
To all humanity I call
my voice to the children of humus
understand, O naive, shrewdness
O simpletons, understand a heart
hear, for princely things I will speak
and from the parting of my lips things that are upright
for truth I muse with my gums
and an abomination to my lips is wickedness
of righteousness are all the words of my mouth
there is nothing in them twisted or perverse
all of them transparent to one who understands
and upright to those who find knowledge
receive my discipline and not silver
and knowledge rather than gold of choice
for better is wisdom than rubies
and all things to be desired are not to be compared with her
I, wisdom, live with shrewdness
and knowledge of purpose I find out
The fear of יְהוָה
to hate evil
Pride, arrogance, the way of evil
and the mouth of falsehoods I hate
To me is counsel and success
I am understanding
to me is strength
by me kings reign and rulers decree righteousness
by me leaders lead
and princes, all the judges of righteousness
as for me, I love all those loving me
and those who seek me will find me
wealth and glory are with me
substance of old and righteousness
better is my fruit than gold or fine gold
and my coming than silver of choice
in the path of righteousness I walk
in the middle of the roads of judgment
to allot to those loving me what is
and their storehouses I will fill
יְהוָה acquired me as the beginning of his way
before his works of old
from everlasting I was poured out
from the beginning
from before earth
when there were no depths I was begotten
when there were no fountains heavy with water
earlier than the mountains were sunk
in the presence of the hills I was begotten
as yet he had not made earth, the outside
or the beginning of the dust of the world
when he established the heavens, there was I
when he inscribed a circle on the face of the deep
when he encouraged the clouds above
to strengthen the fountains of the deep
when he set to the sea his decree
that the waters should not pass over his bidding
when he inscribed the foundations of earth
then I was beside him - faithful
and I was his delight
day by day
at play in his presence
at all times
at play in the world, his earth
and delighting in the children of humus
So now children, hear me
for happy they that keep my ways
hear discipline and be wise
and do not let go
happy is the human who hears me
keeping watch at my portals daily
guarding the posts of my doors
for who finds me finds life
and will obtain acceptance of יְהוָה
but who sins against me does violence to self
all hating me love death

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