Saturday, August 18, 2007

Annuntiatio nativitatis Christi

Matthew and Luke tell us how a woman creates the world. If it is in a man to be dumb, it is now in a woman to demonstrate the power of God to create, whatever the circumstance. What more do we need, Blessed ones, to invite us to walk with the Holy One? Love invites.

Between Luke’s pageant and Matthew's, the common element is the son, named Jesus. How is this son to become flesh when there is no seed? Does God have seed that it should take root in a woman and become woman’s seed? God speaks and it is done. His word is the seed. It penetrates us and takes root in us that we might live.

I image God’s voice. This is not a homunculus of impermanence but a life to be found by faith. God brings our body to completeness in this birthing. We, whether male or female, are the gift to God that engages his word in us. We are woman. We have not known a man. God grant us this knowledge for it is greater than ourselves.

Say fiat as Mary says to this child conceived out of time, and so join God's original fiat lux. Whatever the pain, whether it be a journey to the uncreated and back, it will have been worth it and will never fail in revealing the fullness of mercy.

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J. K. Gayle said...

Thank you very much for this, Bob. I had not seen it until today, when you kindly stopped by at my blog. I'll be thinking about what you've written here for a long time!