Friday, August 24, 2007

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I regularly read the JTS weekly commentary on the Torah. Speaking of the principle of remembering God amidst the bounty of the promised land, Rabbi Marc Wolf referenced not the Torah but a blog!

Hechsher Tzedek is a symbol that hopefully will be affixed to kosher products. It will certify that the product has met standards that recognize that our reach for holiness extends beyond the blade of the slaughterer. The Hechsher Tzedek will set standards for “wages and benefits, health and safety, training, environmental impact, product development, and corporate transparency”
The link above references one of their recent posts: Church and steak - farming for the soul. Worth a read -"What brought these men together could easily have kept them apart: religion."

(Some of my children eat only vegetables - and I admit to the beauty and convenience particularly at this time of year when the abundance is so great.)

As an addendum here is this week's commentary - really lovely particularly this:
When Rabbi Pinhas ben Yair was living in city of the south, some men came there to work. They had two measures of barley they left with him which they forgot when they went away. Rabbi Pinhas ben Yair sowed the barley year after year and harvested it and stored it. After seven years the men returned and when Rabbi Pinhas ben Yair recognized them, he said to them, ‘Come take your storehouses full of grain.’ From the faithfulness of Man you can learn the faithfulness of God (Deuteronomy Rabbah 3:3).

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