Thursday, August 23, 2007

Extreme Theology

A post that should not be missed.

Chris Heard has corraled some wild horses in this post. It is encouraging to know that there are people who will put extreme invective in context and name it for what it is. You want to be careful to skip some of the early links in the post - true though they may be, they are a distraction. Start concentrating at the heading 'Faulty Exegesis'. Pay close attention to the 'Faulty Hermeneutics' paragraph.

"Resistance can be a form of faithfulness, and indeed, sometimes it may be the only appropriate form of faithfulness."

(The big words: 'exegesis' means getting it out of the text as opposed to imposing your own view on the text. 'hermeneutics' means interpreting. That both terms have a certain catch-22 to them does not eliminate our responsibility for doing it right.)

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