Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Song - links

Some time ago I put together structural diagrams and a meditiation and program notes on the Song - before I made the current blog - here are the links collected for convenience.

Full Size Image
Pint size; text in html format - my usual rough and ready draft translations
Program Notes

I am a little surprised at some of my translations - but I did have a number of sources:
Fisch, Harold, Poetry with a Purpose(1988)
Fox, M.V. The Song of Songs and the Ancient Egyptian Love Songs (1985)
Pope, Marvin H., Song of Songs, The Anchor Bible Commentary
Walsh, Carey Ellen, Exquisite Desire, Religion, the Erotic, and the Song of Songs

Old Blog entries are very hard to find your way around - this is a current design problem in many of the blogger programs out there - there are other problems as well; editing, navigation, backup, whew - this may not be Wiki - but it is transient. I just fixed a bunch of old links to useful places like Paul on Paul, and ITanakh on my old homepage of writings... links are transient, but maintaining them is for ever!

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