Saturday, October 3, 2009

Creation - tomorrow's Sunday School lesson

I have read and reread in Hebrew the first pericope of Genesis. It seems to me that Herbert was right - there is but one day - so this creation account is not in the past. Then I was reading Matt's long article on Cana - and I wonder how to interpret the days and hours of John's gospel. Here he writes:

By beginning his gospel with these allusions to the creation story in Genesis 1, and in mimicking this first creation story by way of rhetorical imitation, John was also telling his readers that a New Creation has begun in and through Jesus Christ.
Really? I know this is traditional sequential thinking - old creation then new creation. But does the first chapter of Genesis (to 2:4) exclude redemption? I have a hard time thinking this. Why would Jesus say to Nicodemus that as a teacher in Israel he should have known about being born from above? Surely such teaching is in the knowledge of Israel or how else would the son know it?

The whole gospel is implied in one word. Hear.

More words only means 'explanation' and explanation is not hearing.

Tomorrow, I hope to immerse the children in a strange tongue. I may read the whole of the creation story in Hebrew - it is so musical, perhaps it will stand on its own. I will remind them what they know already so as to encourage 'hearing'. And we will sing the Shema first and learn the word for one: .אֶחָד

I have a Korean boy in the class - I bet Hebrew will be as easy for him as English.

Understanding is nothing. Hearing is everything. As is implied in that creative Ker, Jesus said 'follow me'. All else is commentary.

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