Saturday, October 10, 2009

Messy office after spilling coffee

Here is a study of a study.The coffee stain is on the bottom of my Rashi commentary on the psalms. The pile of books on the right largely escaped the spill. On the left is a broken cup holding pens and stuff. The black book in the middle background is a Hebrew Latin concordance. The blocks at the front done my my friend Sherman Oraas will be covered soon by labels illustrating the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. Each will have a Hebrew lesson on the front. - A verse from the book. For Torah, I have chosen the first verse.


scott gray said...

that desk is not messy enough for a true scholar!! bob!! the kingdom is much messier than that!!


Bob MacDonald said...

Well, at least it might look as if I had read and enjoyed the Rashi. I now see why hard cover is important. All the other books in the line of the spill escaped damage. Or maybe I could say that Rashi played the important role of absorbing most of the spill. Poor fellow!

As for true applied to me as 'scholar'. I am always wary of such language. I am a true example of a Bob. What Bob proves to be is somewhat revealed in me, partly revealed to me, but hard to reduce to a word. Good to hear from you scott - I hope you are well.