Friday, October 16, 2009

The latest in pocket bibles

Here they are - all the books of the Bible in an unopenable state. Perfect!

These 'blocks' are for the children to learn the books of the Bible. The TNK is coloured in TNK order with the traditional subdivisions of Torah, Prophets - early, later and the twelve, and Writings, the Books of Truth (Psalms, Proverbs, and Job, an acronym in reverse order), the five Megillot, and the rest. The colours are such that the Old Testament order can be seen. Where a book has two colours, it can be re-sorted in the OT order of Law, History, Wisdom literature, and Prophets.

Note how the Song is the Holy of Holies as Akiva said. It reflects such light you cannot read the puzzle on it. (The Song is the 28th book from the left. It is the 35th from the right. There are 35 books in the TNK and 27 in the NT. Does that add up or is there one extra!) Addendum: and the case against me will be that I hid the books of truth behind the Song. Or will it be that that's where truth is to be found?
I have put a puzzle on each book. Mostly, the puzzles are to translate something - but there are number puzzles and word puzzles too. Where I did not use the first verse of the book, I also included a translation. If you look at the Song you can see the verse I chose in English. My picture is fuzzy because it was taken with a 1/5th of a second exposure and no tripod. Such is the nature of theology.

The wood is courtesy of my friend Sherman Oraas. The creation of the blocks took some time. A whole day after printing to cut and affix the labels - but it was fun.

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