Monday, November 2, 2009

A dialogue with the Song

The Song has arisen again in my thoughts - how I move around the Scripture is a mystery even to me. It just happens. So I came across a bit of dialogue I wrote some time ago - so long ago it is on my old personal web page, as cob-webbed a place as many.

A dialogue with the Song of Solomon

Those sitting in gardens; 
companions paying attention, 
to your voice make me hear
You are famous, beloved, highly-rated
I will sing of your works
Do they need an adjective?
No - works is sufficient
These are the works you were given to do
I sleep, my heart aroused 
the voice of my beloved knocking, 
    open to me, my sister, my companion, 
    my dove, my undefiled: 
    for my head is filled with dew, 
    my locks with the drops of the night. 
I have put off my coat; how then shall I put it on? 
I have washed my feet; how then shall I soil them? 
My beloved put in his hand by the hole, and my belly moved for him. 
rose up I did to open to my love; my hands dropped myrrh, 
and my fingers myrrh sweet smelling upon the handles of the lock. 
opened I to my beloved and my beloved turned away, passed on; 
my life went out to speak to him; 
I sought him and did not find him 
I called him and nothing did he answer;
found me the keepers going about the city; 
they struck me; they wounded me 
they took away My veil from me; 
keepers of the walls 
I charge You daughters of Jerusalem 
if you will find this my beloved, 
you will announce to him 
Sick of love am I
You were to awaken me - with a knock
You reveal your passion
I opened to you
You declared me undefiled - this was your work
I delayed; but you stirred me; and I rose up
You were invisible; had you turned away?
Was I to follow?
What was my life without you?
I sought you
The keepers of the city were jealous
Their power threatened, they struck me
They abused me
Can I share this accusation?
If my sisters are awake
Let them tell you of my heartsick desire
How could you not know?
On my bed in the nights 
I sought the one who is love of my life; 
I sought him and did not find him 
I will rise now and turn about the city, 
in the streets and in the plazas, 
I will seek that love of my life. 
I sought him but I did not find him 
they found me, the watchmen going around the city, 
the love of my life, did you see him? 
Scarcely had I passed and I found the love of my life; 
I held him and would not let him go 
until I had brought him to the house of my mother 
and to the chamber of her conceiving me 
I have charged You, daughters of Jerusalem, 
by the hosts of roe or by the hearted dear hart of the field, 
if you awaken or if you disturb this my love till it please
You are my life's delight, there is no other
I sought you
The keepers of the city were ignorant
When I had passed them, I found you
I held you and would not let you go
Until we had come to the place
Where I had become your child
You have cut me an eternal covenant
I am both son and daughter
You are my bridegroom of blood
If my sisters are awake
By all that is eternal, of power, of love
Let them leave us be
Until the day dawns
Come, my beloved, let us go forth into the field; 
let us spend the night under a covering 
we will go early to the vineyards, 
we will see if budded is the vine, 
opened the blossom, flowered the pomegranates; 
there I will give my love to you 
The mandrakes give scent and at our gates 
all excellence new and old, beloved, I have hidden for you.
I am hidden in you
You are my covering
I am your vineyard
I knew you early in the morning
My life is preserved for me
There is no lack in either the New or the Old
If my sisters are awake
Let us hear each other's voice

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