Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Job presented

As I do on the Sunday school blog, I report my experience presenting Job. The class is 'engaged' as one senior attendee noted and wants more - good! One who had previously written off the book said he was interested now and willing to pursue the reading. Another said 'I am beginning to really like the Old Testament'. How's that for a positive result!

So in my backward reading of Defending God (I started at the end), I discover that Crenshaw summarizes the characters of the three comforters. I will look forward to his analysis as the page numbers decrease. I began to prepare next week's lesson. Chapter 3 looks so short compared with chapters 1 and 2, but the whole book is a response to chapter 3, even Job's elaborations and self-defence which I think he rightly refuses as ultimate in the end.

I think that the story is a parable, a mashal, is very helpful to people's desire to enter into it.

Tonight I go to read some more Ruth with my 13-year-old student. Our exercise today is to begin to recognize phrases and sentences in the Hebrew. He missed Sunday school so I will get him to do the alef-bet exercise which I predict he will find too easy.

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