Friday, June 5, 2009

Deep Ression

I should have thought that when translating Job I might find a point of great danger, a deep ression, as it were. So things have been slow this week and will continue to be slow for the moment.

Today I smiled at least three times for the first time in a few days. A client expressed lack of confidence in our test process. That is a sufficient cause for not smiling. I tightened the process a bit and delivered a patch. A supplier failed his service level agreement by 22 hours and I wasn't sure if anyone in my organization was in charge. I became an gry. Perhaps that should be wrat hful or dis a gry able. It was bound to come when one is engaged with a book like Job. Never boast about being cheerful.

The children will be back from Salt spring Is land soon so I need to be ready to greet them. (Keyboard has died)...

After reading a bit of Good - he translates Job 19:25-26 so:

As for me, I know that my avenger lives
... ...-... ...
... ... ...-...
... ... ...
... ... ...-...
... ... ...-...
... ... ...

This is not very helpful! But I love his book. No wonder that the NT writers did not use this passage as a proof text.

Good does present a translation in the notes.

As for me, I know that my avenger lives (note see Numbers 35:19, Deuteronomy 19:6, 12 etc.)
and afterward he rises upon dust.
and after they have flayed my skin, this -
and from my flesh I perceive Eloah,
whom I perceive to me,
and my eyes saw, and not a foreigner.
My kidneys are ended in my bosom.

You can see he uses more punctuation than I.

I will give you a few more of his choice words later ... (keyboard died again)

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