Thursday, June 4, 2009

Noblesse oblige

Peter Lopez of the Beauty of the Bible has honoured me with a Noblesse Oblige award for this and related blogs. Thank you Peter.

Here is a short list of nominees who may be reading my current obsession with Job. May they be creative in their work - I know they are helpful to me in seeing and hearing more clearly.


rbarenblat said...

Thank you kindly for the award! I'm honored to be mentioned.

I so admire your dedication to close reading and to wrangling with the language of Job. Kol hakavod ("all the honor") to you.

Tim Bulkeley said...

Reading indeed, though less, and less regularly, than I'd like :( as we move house on Friday and this is the last week of the semester... oh, yes, and thank you kindly for the nomination :)

Henry Neufeld said...

I missed this at first! Thanks!