Thursday, July 16, 2009

Answering Job for real

The sections of Ticciati's book on the speeches from the whirlwind are simply lovely. She describes how each word cluster in the speeches of יהוה reconfigures the same word cluster in the un-creation of chapter 3. In contrast to the inadequate response of the three traditionalists, through the voice of the Lord, creation itself responds.

One of her thoughts is that Job's undoing of his creation contains the seed of the whirlwind speeches. His uncreating of himself puts pressure on all creation to respond and it does in all its voices from the cosmos to the animals and finally to two great unique 'monsters'.

I find myself overwhelmed by the number of possible thoughts about Job that could be pursued. Ticciati reasons about his inner thoughts from a psychological point of view and in the context of his social situation with respect to the Deuteronomic covenant. It is a convincing argument - if somewhat hard to follow in places. I am on page 150 or so of this 200 page book and have left sticky notes in a few pages but whether I will get back to them all I am not sure. There are many sections that are quotable.

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