Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some colour for the season

Getting out for an evening walk is good therapy - even when you are too tired to start. Tonight we visited the rose garden and the spice garden at Government House - just a block from our place - where we are also working hard to restore the gardens that were here once. Our house was owned by the Butchart family for 30 years - so its garden should never have been allowed to become degenerate.

Here are a couple of snaps - 1. Two of three old roses I dug out of our northern wasteland - perhaps 70 year old climbers - loving their new location without all the encroaching ivy that we cleared out last year. The root on the near one was the size of a bowling ball - but much more full of life... There is hope for a tree. The fence is the second that my son Jeremy built for us.

2. The cleared northern wasteland with a few hopeful annuals - this used to be a fall of dead trees. More work to be done in the fall.

3. The climbing rose garden at Government House. There is also a new formal rose garden and the best views in Victoria - more snaps here on facebook.

4. The spice garden. You can see we have a lot of rebuilding to do. This is what I would like to see for our northern garden - but too many trees still to do quite such a sunny requirement.

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