Monday, July 20, 2009

Names of God

I thought it would be good to distinguish Eloah from El so I have altered the draft PDF (now version 14) in the 55 places where El occurs to read 'the One'. I wonder now if I should have reversed the decision and let Eloah be the One - O well. If I reverse it, it will be later. At least now for the most part you can see the difference between El and Eloah. I have left Elohim as God also - so in the English at present you can't distinguish Elohim from Eloah - Elohim occurs only 6 times in the Poem (Job 5:8, 20:29, 28:23, 32:2, 34:9, 38:7). Eloah occurs not at all in the frame story and chapter 28.

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