Thursday, December 11, 2008

Morality and pity

Sunday is the busiest day in Mons. It was full sun. They said rain Tuesday maybe - and snow by the weekend. Some animal dung in the woods - cat? bear? Horse on the road, dogs in the town. No mistral - must be 10-12 degrees. Dogs calling in the distance. Cats slink down the narrow roads. A few dead flies and scorpions - out of place miniature Atlantic lobster.

Two children of the baker. Line-up is out the door. Younger sister is not well. 'Va à l'épicerie', dit Maman. La petite jeune fille returns after a few minutes, lineup still long. 'Maman, maman...' There is some illness on the floor. All take it in stride. Papa is called to help.

I experience the end of Psalms 14/53 - they feared fear where no fear was. Not being outside the mercy, I think we must read Paul's citation of this psalm in Romans with non-condemnatory pity. Such is an impossible reading for the moral. They cannot read 'no condemnation here' for anyone (except perhaps themselves).

This is not my story.

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