Monday, December 15, 2008

On the Body's Grace - final notes

Kai Euthus completed some time ago the notes on William's essay - see shared items for the links.

In a comment I have playfully remarked: ... thank you for the serious engagement with the essay. No knock-down Winnie-ther-Pooh type argument is req'd - but as Wol would ask by selection of bell-pull or knocker - a response is reqd.

The response is our response - that is - to the body we find ourselves in, and a part of, family, church, body of Christ (explain that word to me, shepherds, said the Angel).

I suggest our response, of whatever orientation we think we are, can be found in the Psalms and the Song - even Psalm 24 commended itself to me today - lift up your heads O ye gates and be lifted up - doors of any era - and the King of Glory (a five-fold haphax in this psalm) will come in.

The presence of the King will determine a new configuration of 'worries'. It is not primarily a 'moral' presence, because 'love' is primary and the Bridegroom has revealed at what cost he will secure his bride who is his 'one flesh'.

The 1000+ essays and stories I have written, siblings, all point to this response and its joy.

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